VR in Hospitals

Virtual Reality (VR) for Children's Hospitals

Roger Holzberg has a very inspiring personal story: when he was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, after the initial shock and the discomfort passed through him, he slowly looked up at the doctor in his face and made a bold proclamation that he would not only beat the disease, but also participate in a triathlon one year from that day.

And he did. Not only that. He went on to create Reimagine Well, to create products and services that aid in the wellness of people.

So when Roger asked me if I might be interested in developing a VR solution for hospitals, I was only happy to collaborate in his vision.

What came out of that collaboration is a wonderful series of virtual rooms for young kids to experience the therapies they would soon undergo. By gamifying the process, they overcome their natural fears..

As Roger puts it, these gamified “experiential education” programs are designed with the goal of ​lowering the need for sedation​ and ​increasing facility throughput​ by providing real-time educational adventures for patient acclimation.