Medical Communication

Medical Communication

My role

Directing and Producing a series of educational surgery-videos for use in hospitals and by surgeons, to explain procedures to patients.

Wouldn't it be great, if surgeons could explain surgical procedures to their anxious patients in a calm, clear, non-threatening, method with colorful animated graphics?

Dr.Uthaia Kokkalera is a surgeon heading the robotic surgery team at Northridge Hospital, in Los Angeles. He had that brilliant idea a few years ago. Surely it would educate and also reassure them and their families, he thought. That thinking by a leading surgeon in Los Angeles, led to the development of Surgtalk.

It has been a real pleasure in putting together a team and designing a series of beautifully animated videos that does the job. Surgtalk being a pre-funded startup, the videos needed to be created within a tight budget (I love the creativity borne out of the fires of fiscal challenges). The development process also had to be scalable - we had to create lots of animated videos ( designing processes that scale is the pinnacle of fun, as a creative systems designer). currently is being tested in a leading hospital in Los Angeles, and closely looked at by others in the region.