Vive and SteamVR


Tutorials in various subjects: Animation, Game Design, Character Rigging, and more. For the various classes I teach in these areas at the Animation & Gaming program of Mt.San Antonio College, California.

This collection is for Character Rigging.

So what is Character Rigging?

The skills related to setting up the bones, muscles, skin, controls, etc of 3D characters; so that animators can pose them for animation.

Preparing Unity Project To Export

Prepping your Unity Project for Export into HTC SDK

Prepping your World for Export into HTC SDK

Setting up the VISUAL, COLLIDER, TELEPORTER Group of Objects in HTC SDK

Scene Elements

Depth Fog, Dust Storms and Other Elements
Music or Ambient Sounds for your VR Experience
How to Make an Object Pickup and Throwable

Grabbing, Throwing and Picking Up

Trip Triggers

Trip Trigger: Have Animation play on Tripping a Trigger
Key Trigger - Have Animation Play by Using Keys
How to Swap in your Own Animations into the Generic Trip or Key Trigger Animation System